Residential Locations

We want to make charging stations as accessible as possible for the growing demographic of electric vehicle drivers. As times change, your organization needs to change with them. If you’re looking to make a real impact on the residents of your communities, you can always start with something as delightful as a seamless EV charging infrastructure!

Residential Communities

Through our experience, we’ve identified three key challenges that property developers and facility managers have when introducing an EV infrastructure into their residential communities. We also offer the solutions!

Demand for Electric Vehicle Chargers

More people are becoming electric vehicle owners by the day, and this in turn results in a higher demand for easy to use, accessible chargers. This can be challenging for property developers, who often find it difficult to ensure that the demands of their residents are met. We help take the pressure off, making the installation and management of these chargers as easy as possible for you and your residents. We’ll set you up with the highest quality EV chargers, provide back office services, payment solutions, a 24/7 support hotline for your residents, and much more!

Government Regulations

Recently, the UAE Government has put into place municipality regulations to ensure a minimum of 5% of all parking areas to have EV chargers. This includes commercial or residential properties and developments. However, building an electric vehicle infrastructure requires an upfront CAPEX investment that could leave property developers out of pocket.

To address this, we’ve created systems that allow you to make a return on your EV charger investment. Through a combination of our back office technology, our EV-Network, and prepaid and postpaid solutions, you can create a tariff for the residents in your community who wish to use these chargers. You will be provided with everything you need to manage the access and consumption for your residents – helping provide a healthy ROI. Additionally, your residents will automatically join our EV-Network, helping them access our public chargers across the region as well as your own!

Power Usage

We know that the availability of spare power in residential communities is limited, especially in residential towers. This can often lead to property developers being cautious of installing EV Chargers that consume valuable energy, especially given their duty to abide with government regulations.

We’ve ensured that all of the chargers we offer come with smart Dynamic Load Management technology. This technology splits your available spare load between the chargers you have installed, ensuring even distribution, more control over output, and no need for excess electricity. This allows you to install even more chargers for your community, without compromising on electricity output. Furthermore, with the use of our EV-Network App, you can also notify residents on charger availability, restrict charging times, and easily handle multiple charges at once!

Power Usage

Apartment Buildings

We’ve helped countless apartment building managers improve their EV operations, as well as assisting them with the choice, installation, configuration of the most suitable EV chargers possible. It can often be complex to manage multiple charging stations across a parking facility at once – but we’ve worked hard to develop systems that make the process seamless, easy to operate and effective!

Charging at apartments

We’ve made it easy to ensure that the charging experience for tenants of your apartments is as harmonized and efficient as possible!

Easy Management For All

Whether you’re a tenant, landlord, owner or homeowner’s association, we provide you with the right tools and systems to allow you to manage all your charging stations as easily as possible.

No Surprises!

Our special DLM (Dynamic Load Management) systems ensure that you’ll never use more power than needed, and that power will be split efficiently between two or more charging stations being used at the same time. Efficiency is key!

No Surprises!

Charging At Home,
On A Private Driveway

We have a fantastic range of domestic-use chargers that are a great value add to any villa, house or residence. Having an EV charger at home means your tenants never need to worry about their charge levels before setting off on a journey. Just get in touch to see what we have in store!

A New Era Of Transport

The need for charging points has skyrocketed in recent years. More people are choosing to purchase and drive electric vehicles than ever before, and for good reason! They are cheaper to run, more fuel efficient, and great for the environment.

Join The Only EV-Network In The Region!

We encourage you to join our EVIT-Network. With public chargers spread all over the region, our EVIT-Network connects you with the nearest possible charging station, whilst providing key information like availability, status and distance!