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As electric vehicles become more popular than ever, the increase for high quality chargers has increased dramatically. With more electric vehicles on the road, chargers have become an essential part of any parking operation. Working with us, you can ensure your EV driver employees, visitors and guests have the best parking experience possible!

EVIT will assist you in every step when it comes to creating accessible, easy to use charging solutions. Powerful new ways of generating revenue can be enjoyed by installing charge points in your parking facility – and we’re here to show you how.

A Whole New World!

The need for charging points has skyrocketed. More people are choosing to purchase and drive electric vehicles than ever before – and this provides a valuable opportunity for your business or organization.
As a commercial fleet owner, we encourage you to embrace the future and add more electric vehicles to your fleet. This will not only allow you to enjoy lower operating costs, but will also help the region in its quest for a cleaner, more sustainable environment.
Here are just few ways you can benefit from working with us:

Analytics And Data Insights

Our solutions provide insights into a wide range of valuable data and information. This includes how long the average charge takes, which times are the busiest, and which chargers are being used the most. This information is invaluable when it comes to revenue predictions, planning, and getting the most out of your operation.

Unprecedented Control

With our dynamic load management technology and other state of the art systems, we help you ensure that your power output is completely optimized. We know power usage is critical, so we’ve developed and sourced solutions with this in mind. You’ll have full control over the way charging happens, avoiding any unexpected costs or issues. That’s exactly how it should be!

Putting The Customer First

EVIT is all about maximizing efficiency, and minimizing downtime. Everytime one of your chargers isn’t operating, you’re losing revenue and upsetting a potential customer! We’ve sourced the most durable, highest quality charging stations to ensure this never happens. Our chargers require very little maintenance, and with our 24 hour support, you can relax knowing if anything does happen, you’re just one phone call away from solving it!

Putting The Customer First

Make The Switch To Electric!

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Like any modern business or organization, it’s important to ensure you’re doing your bit for sustainability, whilst also having a parking facility that is as inclusive and accessible as possible. Adding EV charging stations to your office parking facility is a game-changer – helping visitors, guests and employees feel right at home.

Helping Your Staff And Visitors Get From A To B

Ensuring that your office is equipped to serve EV drivers is critical. You’ll improve your employee’s workday experience, allowing them to charge their vehicles quickly and safely whilst at work. They’ll also be provided with some awesome charging cards that unlock access to your chargers, both inside and outside working. Talk about a perk!

A Place People Want To Work At!

New employees are increasingly looking for businesses that care for the environment and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability. Ensuring your organization has EV charging facilities can often be a dealbreaker in attracting new talent, whilst doing wonders for your reputation and social responsibility!

Better Branding!

Want to give your brand a boost? Installing EV chargers is a great way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to a greener and more sustainable environment. There’s no better way to show your staff and the public that you’re a forward thinking company that is doing your bit to improve the world we live in!

Support Your Staff To Make The Change!

If you offer your staff company cars – why not go electric? You can even provide them with home charging solutions, as well as the chargers you provide at work. It’s a great perk that is in keeping with modern standards, and is sure to enhance their loyalty.

Support Your Staff To Make The Change!

Ready To Supercharge Your Business?

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A Meaningful Impact On Your Development

Whether your development is a dedicated parking facility, a residential complex, a gym, a hotel, or anything else, we’re sure we can make a huge impact on the parking experience of your visitors, clients and guests. With an ever increasing number of drivers turning to electric vehicles, now is the time to turn your development into an area that caters for everyone!

Flexible And Versatile Solutions

We can help you get the most out of your parking space with solutions that are built to meet every need. The products and services we offer are designed to help you maximise efficiency, speed, resource management and space used. Our dedicated team is always on call to advise you on what equipment and solutions work best!

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