Public Locations

We want to make charging stations as accessible as possible for the growing demographic of electric vehicle drivers. As times change, your organization needs to change with them. Whether you’re in the hospitality business, or operating a retail or commercial development, EVIT has everything you need to bring your parking operation up to speed.

Public Location

Airports, Restaurants, Petrol Stations, Shopping Centers and Hotels

Charging stations have become an important component of everyday life for millions of people across the world. They literally replace service stations, and often attract EV drivers to places where they may not have usually visited. Installing chargers on your premises is a great way to satisfy this demand, whilst modernizing your parking facility.

A new era of transport

With more electric vehicles on the road than ever, the need for charging points has skyrocketed. More people are choosing to purchase and drive electric vehicles than ever before, and for good reason! They are cheaper to run, more fuel efficient, and great for the environment. It’s super important for you as a business owner or manager to ensure that you cater for your EV driving customers.

More Visitors, More Often

Implementing an EV Charger infrastructure in your parking facility does wonders for attracting new visitors and customers to your business. As more EV drivers take to the road, it’s clear that they prefer visiting, shopping and eating at places where they can charge their vehicle whilst it’s parked up.

If you join our EVIT-Network, our app will give you the right type of exposure, putting your business on the map, and directing new customers to it every day!

Exciting Revenue Opportunities

With demand higher than ever, you can unlock some great revenue generating opportunities through offering EV chargers. We’ll help you set tariffs, power usage and much more, allowing you to get the absolute most out of your parking operation. Additionally, you should enjoy an added bonus revenue from the customers who visit your premises simply because you offer them an opportunity to charge their vehicle!

Control Everything

We make it super easy for you to manage and control the charging stations across your facility. Our special DLM (Dynamic Load Management) systems ensure that you’ll never use more power than needed, and that power will be split efficiently between two or more charging stations being used at the same time. We ensure that you’re running your facility with peak efficiency, and complete control over everything!

Embracing Change!

There are more electric vehicles in use than ever, and the need for convenient charging points is increasing each year. This provides your business or organization with an opportunity to move with the times, and get your parking facility up to modern standards.

Working with us to introduce EV chargers into your facility will help you attract new customers, improve your ratings, generate revenue, and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment!

Here are just few ways you can benefit from working with us:

Data Analytics and Insights

Our solutions provide insights into a wide range of valuable data and information, including average charge duration, high usage times, and which chargers are being used the most. This information is critical when it comes to optimizing your operation, predicting revenue, and controlling your parking facility.

Smart, Seamless Systems

We’ve developed some awesome systems that assist in the smooth running of your operation. Our Dynamic Load Management technology for example, helps you ensure that your power output is completely optimized 24/7. You’ll enjoy some great benefits from systems that work in sync with the EV chargers of your choice

Putting The Customer First

EVIT is all about maximizing efficiency, and minimizing downtime. We’ve ensured that all of the chargers and systems we offer are robust, practical and durable. They’ll be able to withstand heavy use, and provide a great charging experience every single time. Additionally, we also operate a 24/7 hotline that anyone can contact if they have any issues. If you face any problems, you can relax knowing you’re just a phone call away from solving it!